Close Protection Training Programme

Current training programmes

Our approach to Close Protection

Our view is that training and operational experience goes hand in hand. SRS offers a complete range solutions covering basic training up to specialised bespoke solutions both for individual professionals and Corporate Security Managers enabling career-long development and job opportunities within Close Protection. Available for you to develop your skills when needed using the best methods, materials and instructors.

Our approach to Close Protection is based on our extensive operational experience that spans from Executive and HNWI Protection to Diplomatic Protection duties in high risk environments. The level of service and protection is never better than the individuals providing it. Integrity with a discreet and understated professionalism with the overall aim to uphold security while thinking ahead. Always striving for unencumbered everyday business and strengthened brand of the client. Always fulfilling our brand promise; People to Trust.

SRS Close Protection training fulfils Swedish national accreditation requirements and internationally recognised certifications such as the SIA standard where applicable.

Once you are CPO qualified you have the benefit of joining our Close Protection Network providing both national and international job opportunities as well as access to seminars and alumni events. Job opportunities can be in the form of SRS employment and with your permission, we can also forward your professional details to our partners when appropriate. We will always consider job-specific suitability based on overall experience and personal assessment. We do not guarantee employment as a part of being a member of the network.

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Our commitment to excellence

  • National accreditation in Sweden as an armed Close Protection Provider and Training Centre.
  • ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 18788:2015-certified and active member of the International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA).
  • Our trainers have extensive experience from Swedish and UK Special Forces, Swedish Police and Military Police Close Protection teams and long-time Close Protection work within the private security industry.
  • We always train as we work and do not take short-cuts. We always use the most efficient methods for training and provide you with the best training material.
  • We provide honest feedback to ensure your development and the security of others and yourself.
  • You might be a future colleague and that matters.

Standard training courses

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