Case: Embassy Security, Africa

SRS has deployed Security Coordinators and Close Protection Officers to support a Nordic Diplomatic representation in Africa. The SRS team has provided the Embassy with an effective intelligence capability, enabling Embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs personnel to obtain an overview of events and capability to analyse security trends.

The SRS team has enabled the Ambassador and Embassy personnel to travel extensively in the region and complete their missions including outreach activities and donor project evaluations.

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Case: Personal Security Program, Europe

Employees in a government office regularly faced intimidation and threats, requiring an immediate upgrade of its organisational and employee security strategy. SRS reviewed the risk exposure on an employee level, designed individual strategies and managed implementation of agreed solutions. The project covered individual assessments and implementations for exposed employees. SRS support has significantly reduced the risk exposure and increased the awareness in the organisation, allowing the employees to remain focused on their core tasks.

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Case: Readiness Review, Europe

SRS developed a risk analysis framework incl. prioritised actions for a government agency’s travels, projects and operations abroad. The risk analysis and proposed implementation plan combined both preventive activities with functions for managing crisis and incidents as well as a number of general adjustments and clarifications regarding responsibilities, travel arrangements and activities during different project or operational phases abroad.

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