Case: Personal Security, Europe

A well-known industrial family with high media exposure and significant assets experienced several incidents and regular threats. The family requested SRS to provide a more secure and safe situation for the family.

SRS initiated a personal security program that included a risk assessment and exposure analysis of family members as well as background checks on employees. SRS strengthened the physical protection for exposed locations and trained the family and their service personnel in personal security. SRS conducts daily security patrols covering residences, workplaces and schools and provides close protection services during major events.

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Case: Executive Protection, Eastern Europe

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of an international company operating in Eastern Europe received several personal threats from unknown sources. SRS supported the CEO with an investigation of the underlying threats and implemented a security plan to enhance the CEO’s personal security, enabling the CEO to focus on business operations. SRS also implemented improvements to the office as well as residential infrastructure and provided security coordination at corporate events.

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