Case: Personal Security, Europe

A well-known industrial family with high media exposure and significant assets experienced several incidents and regular threats. The family requested SRS to provide a more secure and safe situation for the family.

SRS initiated a personal security program that included a risk assessment and exposure analysis of family members as well as background checks on employees. SRS strengthened the physical protection for exposed locations and trained the family and their service personnel in personal security. SRS conducts daily security patrols covering residences, workplaces and schools and provides close protection services during major events.

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Case: Embassy Security, Africa

SRS has deployed Security Coordinators and Close Protection Officers to support a Nordic Diplomatic representation in Africa. The SRS team has provided the Embassy with an effective intelligence capability, enabling Embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs personnel to obtain an overview of events and capability to analyse security trends.

The SRS team has enabled the Ambassador and Embassy personnel to travel extensively in the region and complete their missions including outreach activities and donor project evaluations.

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Case: Maritime Security, Africa

An international shipping company operating in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean was facing difficulties with regards to the growing security problems from Somali pirates. The client requested SRS’s support with providing security and training for their ships and crews that regularly transit through the area.

SRS supports the company with security solutions for the vessels and by deploying security teams on-board the ships during their transits through high risk areas.

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Case: Executive Protection, Eastern Europe

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of an international company operating in Eastern Europe received several personal threats from unknown sources. SRS supported the CEO with an investigation of the underlying threats and implemented a security plan to enhance the CEO’s personal security, enabling the CEO to focus on business operations. SRS also implemented improvements to the office as well as residential infrastructure and provided security coordination at corporate events.

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Case: HSE support, Middle East

An international oil company faced significant challenges to achieve Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) compliance for their sub-contractors on an exploration project in the Middle East.

SRS deployed several experts in the field to assist the client with the implementation of appropriate HSE policies and procedures. The assignment lasted several months and enabled the client to focus their efforts on production and operations.

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Case: De-mining audit, Middle East

An international oil company conducted seismic operations in a high risk area heavily contaminated by mines and unexploded ordnance. Operations were brought to a costly stand-still due to lack of international de-mining standards and procedures. SRS deployed a de-mining expert within 48 hrs to conduct an audit of current procedures and implement required changes enabling seismic operations to continue with maximum safety for all personnel.

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Case: Readiness Review, Europe

A civil aviation agency was exposed to significant liabilities in a number of developing countries due to the lack of common risk management processes in their projects. SRS conducted a vulnerability assessment of organisational policies and project procedures. Our aviation expertise and understanding of the client’s operational context enabled solutions that increased the security for the individual employees, mitigated liabilities and strengthened the client’s business continuity planning.

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Case: Security Management, Middle East

A petroleum exploration company involved in projects in Iraq faced a complex risk environment. SRS supported the client with overall risk management and logistical support during geological field studies in high risk areas. Our layered security approach included early liaison with the local communities and governmental institutions as well as excellent situational awareness, enabling the company to complete the project on time without any security related incidents.

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Case: Security Management and Advice, Pakistan

An international technology and services company was awarded a contract to deliver and implement advanced technology in Pakistan. The contract required the company to be present with key personnel on various sites over an extended period of time. SRS supported the client with on-site security management and played a central role in the joint crisis management team. SRS provided the client with management support, assessments and advice throughout the project. As a result, the client successfully executed the large and challenging project without incidents in one of the world’s most difficult environments.

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Case: Employee HSE training, Asia Pacific

SRS supported a media production in Malaysia with Health Safety and Environmental (HSE) training consisting of environmental awareness training, first aid and fire fighting. The training played a crucial part for the successful completion of a long term project in a very challenging environment.

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