Case: Situational Awareness, Europe

A major retail company in Scandinavia experienced several threats against management staff and required an early warning system to minimize the risk for key employees. SRS provides methodology, system tools and analysts to monitor all relevant open sources, including social media, for potential threats against key individuals, products or brand.

Based on the data capture and analysis, the client has been able to implement cost-effective risk mitigating measures before potential incidents have developed into a crisis. The client has also been able to evaluate and enhance the results of both internal and external crisis communication strategies.

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Case: Personal Security, Europe

A well-known industrial family with high media exposure and significant assets experienced several incidents and regular threats. The family requested SRS to provide a more secure and safe situation for the family.

SRS initiated a personal security program that included a risk assessment and exposure analysis of family members as well as background checks on employees. SRS strengthened the physical protection for exposed locations and trained the family and their service personnel in personal security. SRS conducts daily security patrols covering residences, workplaces and schools and provides close protection services during major events.

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Case: Executive Protection, Eastern Europe

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of an international company operating in Eastern Europe received several personal threats from unknown sources. SRS supported the CEO with an investigation of the underlying threats and implemented a security plan to enhance the CEO’s personal security, enabling the CEO to focus on business operations. SRS also implemented improvements to the office as well as residential infrastructure and provided security coordination at corporate events.

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Case: Information Security, Europe

A large international company was the target of a hostile take-over by an activist shareholder. SRS provided training and raised awareness for the board and CEO regarding information security and how to minimise potential leakage of critical information.

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Case: Readiness Review, Europe

A civil aviation agency was exposed to significant liabilities in a number of developing countries due to the lack of common risk management processes in their projects. SRS conducted a vulnerability assessment of organisational policies and project procedures. Our aviation expertise and understanding of the client’s operational context enabled solutions that increased the security for the individual employees, mitigated liabilities and strengthened the client’s business continuity planning.

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Case: Critical Incident Management, Europe

A client in the retail industry faced an unexpected threat with the potential to disrupt business continuity and place staff and management at risk. SRS deployed a team for immediate support and within hours, an incident management plan was presented to the management and board of directors for implementation. The staff felt confident during the incident due to the swift actions put in place and the client was able to maintain business as usual without any disruptions in production.

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Case: Close protection, Southern Europe

A leading law firm supported a client in Southern Europe exposed to criminal threats during a legal case. An executive protection team from SRS was tasked to support the client for the duration of the case. With the protection and support from SRS, the client could remain focused on the legal proceedings, which were completed without incidents or interruptions.

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Case: Close protection of executive management team

The management team of a company was exposed to criminal threats during a prolonged period of time. SRS conducted a complete security overview and provided close protection to key staff members. In addition, a program for handling sensitive information was implemented combined with training and vetting of key staff members in matters of personal security.

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Case: Personal Security Program, Europe

Employees in a government office regularly faced intimidation and threats, requiring an immediate upgrade of its organisational and employee security strategy. SRS reviewed the risk exposure on an employee level, designed individual strategies and managed implementation of agreed solutions. The project covered individual assessments and implementations for exposed employees. SRS support has significantly reduced the risk exposure and increased the awareness in the organisation, allowing the employees to remain focused on their core tasks.

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Case: Information Security Awareness Training

The executive management of a research intensive company identified a serious lack of knowledge and experience within the company concerning information security. The awareness gap exposed the company to potential loss of critical information and financial risks. SRS initially trained the management team followed by key employees, promptly raising the level of awareness and reducing unnecessary exposure within the company .

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